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Additional House Rules

Amongst all the other house rules as per our Terms and Conditions, you are herewith requested to acknowledge that the following rules in case of non-adherence could lead to an immediate eviction from the hotel without refund.

  • It is forbidden to accommodate more people in the bedrooms than the described and agreed amount as per the reservation documentations.
  • Pets are not allowed, unless expressly authorized by the management of the Paxton Hotel. 
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited in all bedrooms and all internal and external spaces of the building unless specifically designated for smoking.
  • Loud partying and music at any time are prohibited in the hotel or at the pools side and we expect that you refrain from any behaviour that could upset other guests. Every guest at the Paxton Hotel is required to agree and adhere to these rules issued by management.
  • You are strictly advised not to consume any alcohol other than the alcohol sold by the hotel and you must consume this alcohol in the areas designated for the consumption of alcohol. The bringing and consuming of alcohol that has been purchased somewhere else is strictly forbidden. Please note that no alcohol is allowed to be consumed in and immediately around the pool but only in the designated seating areas.
  • Food ordered from outside the hotel can only be consumed in your room and not in any public areas downstairs or anywhere else.
  • Responsible, appropriate and respectful behaviour by guests towards the property, its belongings and the company employees is expected. Therefore, in the event that guests do not behave in a sufficiently responsible and respectful manner in the hotel or towards the employees of the hotel, The Paxton Hotel reserves the right to evict such guests from the premises of the hotel.
  • As per our terms and conditions, please note that you will personally be held liable for any damages incurred by you to the hotel and any missing items from the room.

Once again, failure to meet any of these aforementioned rules could result in immediate eviction from the hotel without compensation or refund. Any pre-paid room nights will then not be refunded.

If, after having been notified of the eviction, motivated by any of the circumstances previously described, the guest is still refusing or unable to accept the eviction, The Paxton Hotel will have the right to charge double the room rate for each night. This charge will be based on normal room rates as per our website.

I hereby confirm that I have read and fully understand these terms and conditions that might lead to being evicted without notice from The Paxton Hotel.